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When the  Greater  Elland Historical Society was first established in 1974, it was decided that the Society should have an emblem or logo.  The emblem selected was: COH IIII BRE

The origin of the emblem , dates back to approximately A.D. 80, when the 9th Legion of the Roman Army advanced to York.

Legions comprised of cohorts of 480 men, with 10 cohorts to a legion.  Attached to the 9th Legion were a group of auxiliaries, conscripted from conquered territories, in this case a tribe called the Breuci.  To assist with the renowned Roman construction of a network of roads and forts between York and Manchester, a number of kilns were built to produce tiles and pottery.

One of the forts was Slack, at nearby Outlane, and for its construction, a kiln was built at Grimscar.

Tiles have been found on the site at Slack with the mark COH IIII BRE, which indicates the 4th Cohort Breuci.

So the emblem has real historical significance, with a tinge of local interest added.  If you can contribute more information to the above description, please contact the website.

Acknowledgment:     Hargreaves, B – Elland Revisited, Tempus Publishing