Member’s Meeting – 10th April 2024

Flora Smithies, a society member, gave a talk titled Destination Elland – A Journey of Discovery.

This started with her own story of her early live at Dean Head when a visit to Elland was an adventure. Catching the trolley bus from West Vale to Elland when they visited the dentist twice a year. They would also play a visit to the Market Warehouse. A place where you could get almost anything you required.

Flora then went on to present to members a copy of a document she had been given for the sale of land on the Langdale Estate by Joseph Langdale in 1877.  It was the contents of this document that started Flora’s research into how the Langdales of East Yorkshire arrived in Elland.  She traced the history of the Langdale family from their routes in East Yorkshire in the 1500’s to their eventual presence as significant landowners in Elland.

The family had businesses and property in London, Elland, East Yorkshire and France.

After intensive investigations through the family generations Flora was able to find the connection to Elland.  Marmaduke Langdale married Frances Brooksbank of Warley.  Included in the dowry was property and land in Elland.  The presence of the Langdale Family can be seen in the names of some of the streets in Elland: Langdale Street, James Street, Catherine Street and Frances Street named after members of the family.