Members Meeting 13th September 2023

Members were welcomed to our first meeting after the break for the summer.

Our first speaker of the season was Robina Hodgson who gave a talk on the “Home Front”.  Robina gave us a very interesting and informative talk on the various occupations/volunteer roles that people undertook at home whilst men, and later women, were away defending our country.

Robina showed an information film made at the time showing the various roles undertaken by those that stayed at home, the construction of the various type of air raid shelters, the evacuation of adults and children, and much more.  

A selection of artifacts from the time were on display.  These included the varying sizes and designs of the gas masks issued, including a Mickey Mouse designed gas mask for small children and a gas mask used for babies. The latter is being carried by one of our members in one of the photographs below.

She concluded the talk by a showing a number of photographs taken at the time. Members thoroughly enjoyed Robina’s expressive presentation and, had time been available, would have continued to listen to her for much longer.   Let’s hope that Robina is available, and willing, to visit us again in the future