Members Meeting – 11th October 2023

The AGM was held at the October Meeting. 40 members attended. The Chairman presented the reports, and the Committee was duly appointed.

We then given a talk by Mr Philip Wilkinson about his 47 years in the Law.

Philip brought the audience back to 1972 when petrol was 30p a gallon and when he bought his first car for £120, which was a Morris Minor.

He also explained that in 1973 there was no VAT, no EEC, no computers, and no electrical aids and that all the secretaries did shorthand.

He told tales of brothels in Halifax and Brighouse and Dewsbury and said there was little drug related crime at that time.

He told of his days in Brighouse Magistrates Court and how Barristers cross examined witnesses.  The courts in Halifax only ran fully 2 days a week and most cases were dealt with first time up.

He was thanked by Andrew Gilmour Chairman for a colourful talk.