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Members Meeting – 12 January 2022

David Allen was due to speak to the Society at the January meeting but, due to a fall, was unable to attend.  The Society wishes him a full and speedy recovery and hope to see him sometime in the future.

Mr Phillip Wilkinson agreed to stand in at the last minute. Phillip gave a talk on Roman History titled “Tales of Adultery, Power and Military Might”.

The talk touched on the many different legions in Britain and around Europe, the  high levels of training undertaken by the soldiers and the high standard of the equipment and weapons they had available to them. He also detailed the number of high quality, straight, roads for which they became famous. He also provided members with details of his visit to Hadrian’s Wall and the building of the wall by the Romans.

This short and informative talk was enjoyed by the members.

The Society would like to thank Phillip for standing in at such short notice.