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8th September 2021

After our enforced postponement of our meetings due to the Covid restrictions it was with great pleasure that we could invite members to join us again to our September meeting.

The committee was pleased by the number of members that were able to attend the first meeting of the winter session.

Our first talk was about Henry Francis Lyte, who wrote the very famous hymn  “Abide with Me”.  The talk was, given by John Lyte, a descendent of this very talented and inspirational man.  He was assisted in the presentation of the talk by his wife Joan.

Henry Francis Lyte wrote over 300 hymns and a number of poems.  A great number of the hymns are still sung in our churches today and at other gatherings.

John gave us an insight into the life of Henry Francis Lyte, from his childhood, to his calling to the work of the Church and his life in Brixham. 

This was a very interesting and informative talk and was enjoyed by those that attended.



8th September 2021

John Lyte

The Story of Abide with Me: Part 2.             

A story of hardship and endurance.

13th October 2021

Annual General Meeting and

Janice Nichols

The Highlights of the History Society

10th November 2021

Flora Smithies

The Barkisland School Story

To Bring Them Up in Learning.

8th December 2021

Andrew Gilmour

Theme on “A Christmas Carol”

Festive fun with refreshments.

The Committee will give a warm welcome to all members

and visitors at our informative and entertaining meetings.

Everybody welcome.